A big, huge “thank you”

Thank you for all you do!

This Christmas season we’ll be celebrating the birth of Christ with the hungry and homeless of Cleveland County – and you can join us too! How?

  1. By praying! All our homeless guests need lots of prayer to get their lives effectively “turned around.”
  2. By volunteering! We always need volunteers to help us plan and present our annual Christmas celebrations for hungry and homeless men, women, and children.
  3. By giving! You may not be able to volunteer, but you can pray…you can also give. Give to make this Christmas a joyous time for the poor and needy.

This Christmas we’ll be providing a wonderful sit-down dinner for the hungry, the homeless, and the poor. It’ll be a great event. There’ll be decorations and singing, and the Christmas story of Jesus – OUR Hope! It’ll be a day to remember for ALL!

…and perhaps some of our homeless guests will decide to join our year-long recovery and discipleship program and get themselves off the streets for good! Wouldn’t that be fantastic?

We’ll also be giving Christmas food boxes to poor families in our surrounding community.

So please – include the hungry and homeless and poor on your list of “good deeds for Christmas this year. “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works.” (Eph. 2:20)

Because so much of our food is donated, your gift of just $18.30 will feed and care for 10 hungry people. $36.60 will feed 20. $54.90 will serve 30, and $183 will provide 100 Christmas dinners to hungry and homeless neighbors in YOUR community.

In this life, you’ll never know what a blessing your gift of just $18.30 will be. I know if you were living on the streets, homeless and hungry, each gift of a hot meal would be a real lifesaver.

Please send your most generous Christmas gift for the hungry and homeless, TODAY!

Thank you and God bless you. I pray that you and your family will have a delightful Christmas holiday, filled with smiles, warm friendships, and Jesus’ love.

Please take time to remember the best Christmas gift anyone can ever receive – the very reason we celebrate this holiday season – Jesus Christ our Savior.

God bless you,

Michael R. Gullatte
Executive Director
Cleveland County Rescue Mission

Transforming Lives & Giving Hope